Dave Hanson on WND

Dave has begun contributing to WND. What do you think? He strikes me as a bit out of step with the neoconservative National Greatness doctrine:

Conservative Christians can jive with this analysis of the welfare state’s failure. It’s clear that Christ spoke not to Caesar when he advocated helping the weak, but to every individual, even the poor themselves. The founders understood this concept. The revolution got the state out of the way so Christ’s movement could work in a free society to transform lives. Nevertheless, America has lost its faith in God. We have turned to man to solve our problems. Blinded by ignorance, we have forgotten Washington’s warning: “Government is force.” When man uses force to try to “fix” lives, he always fails. We are selfish. We do not know how to run people’s lives. Institutions we use to consolidate “power” only highlight this reality.