Turning on the god belief

If religion is, as some scientists have conjectured, the physical product of human evolution, then regardless of whether or not it is a spandrel, it should be possible to fix those who lack god belief if fixing other forms of autism turn out to be treatable through gene therapy.

Three out of the five “autism genes” newly discovered in the lab are particularly intriguing. Unlike some other defective genes linked to autism that are permanently disabled, the new genes are simply idle — present, but not turned on for one reason or another.

“That gives us the potential, in the long run, to develop therapies that may be able to reactivate those genes that are silent,” said Walsh.

It would certainly be interesting to find out how many atheists would welcome such therapy if it became viable; how ironic it would be if science proved to be the end of atheism rather than religion after more than two centuries of Enlightenment propaganda insisting upon the opposite.

If you are atheistic or agnostic, would you seek out this hypothetical therapy? If so, why? If not, why not?