Pharyngulans: I can’t save PZ’s job

In TIA, I established that the militant atheists aren’t anywhere nearly so bright as they would like to think they are. PZ’s latest shenanigans have neatly underlined this fact in a whole variety of ways, as this email I received yesterday from a government-employed Pharyngulan named CR demonstrates:


I support P Z Meyers and the work he does defending Science in America. At what point did he loose his free speech rights? Is this not the land of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Please READ the first amendment, the highest law in the land. PZ speaks for many of us who cannot speak for fear of reprisal. Does he now have to live in fear because he is able to say what is on his mind?

Since when has PZ ever defended Science? And against what? He can’t even bring himself to mention the most dangerous threat to science in America these days, namely, the application of Title IX to the science departments in American universities. The atheist persecution complex revealed here is also interesting. Reading this email, one would never know that atheists are not and have never been systematically persecuted by Christians, whereas atheists are actively murdering, jailing, and otherwise persecuting Christians in at least four countries around the world today! Jews and Christians don’t have a persecution complex, both religions have endured violent persecution for centuries and are experiencing it today.

Anyhow, the punchline is the title of CR’s email: Save PZ from stupidity. Based on the copious evidence available at Pharyngula, I’d say it’s decades too late for that.