Two strikes and you’re out

Poland refuses to sign onto the sham:

As France assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union on Tuesday, the bloc’s wounded plans for reform took another hit , this time from Poland whose president said he would not sign the Lisbon Treaty that was intended to revitalize the EU’s institutions.

Apparently “revitalize” is New York Timespeak for “sign over national sovereignty to”. But it’s good news about the tide turning; it shouldn’t be too long before countries are demanding their way out of the joint national suicide pact. And to no one’s surprise, the Eurofascists demonstrate just why Europeans are foolish to put any faith in them or their revival of the Bonaparte-Hitler scheme.

“The officials made it clear that they would seek to reverse the recent no vote by Ireland in a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and to overcome reluctance in the Czech Republic to approve the pact.”