Attaining equality

British Commissar Harriet Harman proposes an Equality Bill on behalf of underrepresented minorities:

it is an unexamined assumption that equality must be connected with representation. Why do people so often assume equality for women – in, say, nuclear physics or welding or the police force – must mean the representation of women in equal numbers in those fields? If a certain percentage of policewomen are not Muslims or Hasidic Jews, does that of itself mean they have been discriminated against?

This latest imperial overreach by British NuLabor equalitarians should be interesting. It’s not an entirely bad thing, not when it could result in Labor finishing behind both the British National Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party in the next general election. And it would be amusing to think of this concept crosssing the Atlantic and giving short white men the ability to sue the NBA in order to kick tall black men out of their jobs. Young, male beer-drinking enthusiasts would be able to sue the universities to kick studious young women out of college and Hispanics would be justified in booting Jews out of the the film studios and the investment banks; when one looks at the U.S. population demographic, the two most striking aspects are Jewish overrepresentation and Hispanic underrepresentation in a wide variety of fields.

The new equalitarianism diktat would also be good news for Christian evangelicals, who are severely underrepresented in many fields, including the tenured professariats and government-funded laboratories. It wouldn’t be so hot for atheists, however, who have long trumpeted their massive overrepresentation in the National Academy of the Sciences. But it’s healthy to be outside, so perhaps those future former academy members will come to be thankful for their new jobs picking fruit and trimming hedges.