Sorry, fanboys

Kelly informs us that unlike so many of her co-non-religionists, she has not, in fact, been silenced by Chapter Four:

I’m thinking that it’s about time to return to the grind here. Sorry, I was suffering from massive drama overload both in my real life and online. Anyway, Vox Day has been on my mind so expect the next installment within a few days. I assume his cronies have already declared victory due to my extended absence, but rest assured that whether anybody likes it or not, I will complete this project if only because I have committed to it and abandoning it would be a concession of defeat in the eyes of his fanboys.

While I’m glad to hear that Kelly hasn’t given up, I do find it more than a little peculiar that so many atheists appear to have such trouble understanding that giving up or failing to show up in the first place has always been considered to be a concession, especially when the person suddenly falling silent is the sort who never shuts up otherwise. It’s not actually a question of what those predisposed to think well of my arguments will conclude from such a failure to defend one’s arguments, but rather what a normal and unbiased observer is likely to conclude. But is this inability to grasp the obvious simply playing disingenuous or more of the usual social autism? I couldn’t say.