Conservatives against science

John Derbyshire lists the reasons:

Big reason 1: Science has no moral content….

Big reason 2: Scientists are irreligious….

Small reason 1: Science is incomplete….

Small reason 2: Scientists are left-wing….

Seems like four pretty good reasons to me, if looking at it from a conservative perspective. Science simply doesn’t have a whole lot to offer them; little that technology and capitalism haven’t actually provided, anyhow. Now, how about a third Big Reason that should concern everyone: Science is one of the greatest dangers to continued human existence. Or a fourth: Science has been reliably inaccurate outside its application to the purely physical hard sciences.

Now, I’m not a conservative and so I have little problem with science. I am, however, firmly against most scientists, especially scientists who absolutely insist on spouting off inaccurately concerning things about which they know nearly nothing. I’m also very opposed to the vast panoply of pseudoscientific frauds, some of whom are credentialed scientists, who continue to attempt passing off their philosophical charades and poorly conceived fantasy tales in the name of science.