I AM somebody

Whoop-de-damn-do. I wouldn’t have minded in the least if the blithering idiots at Wikipedia had collectively decided to nuke the entry for me there, but apparently they decided that I am notable enough or whatever. Oh, hurrah!

The result was keep. There is substantial support for the retention of this article by established users, while no users with > 50 edits support its deletion. Furthermore, the references provided in Theodore_Beale#Notes indicate sufficient coverage of Theodore Beale in third-party reliable sources to establish a presumption of his notability per the general notability guideline. John254 02:01, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

What I find bizarre is that every other writer who uses a pen name seems to be listed by that pen name, but since Wikipedia appears to be run by the same sort of near-illiterate left-wingers that one so often finds among my critics, in my case, the listing is done the opposite way round. It makes no difference, but I did count at least three factual errors on the current page; for example, I certainly didn’t do the Archangel comic books by myself, I can’t even draw. My Dad has never been a publisher of any kind, with WND or anywhere else. And on what planet is a blog called Martini Revolution considered a “reliable source”?

I also noticed that unlike every other writer’s page I’ve read there, from my new buddy Sam’s to my not-quite-as-new pal Derb’s, there is infinitely more space devoted to “controversies” than there is to any of my actual views on Christianity, omniderigence, libertarianism, Austrian economics, war, the probability of Japanese invasion in 1942, feminism, atheism, music, or game design. So, since I’m not permitted to write up such things myself, it would be nice if someone here who is sufficiently familiar with my perspective would consider taking the time to do so.