The Forever War

The OC is hosting a discussion of Joe Haldeman’s Nebula-winning SF masterpiece. Which status I, frankly, have never been able to figure out:

As I’ve said many times before, I read omnivorously and constantly. At the moment, along with everything else, I’m re-reading Joe Haldeman’s multiple award-winning science fiction novel, The Forever War. Is anyone else interested in discussing this one: what works, what doesn’t, what you liked about it, what you hated about it?

On a tangential note, it occurred to me that there are two things that science fiction and fantasy do very, very poorly. One is religion. The other is sports. I am beginning to suspect that this is largely because the people who write and edit SF/F have almost no experience of either. Think about how much impact both religion and sports have on society today, based on how much time people spend on doing them and discussing them, then compare it to how little impact they have on the characters in almost every single novel published in the genre. It’s really quite remarkable.