A Father’s Day emasculation

Spacebunny went out of her way today to throw an extra special Father’s Day. There was a giant mocha ready upon rising. There was a talent show followed by invisible tea followed by an imaginary feast. There was lasagna with extra ricotta, the prosecco flowed like water and was followed by a chocolate cream pie complete with a graham cracker crust. There were presents; the pièce de résistance was the only current game system I didn’t have, a Nintendo Wii.

And then, she promptly rendered the entire exercise moot by trouncing me – yes, trouncing me – at Wii Sports Bowling. Not only did she win the first game by a score of 146 to 125, but she beat me in a best of three. Now, it probably won’t surprise you to know that I’m not a particularly good bowler, but it is nevertheless a video game, so I should probably hear the end of this right around the time that Heimdall sounds his horn. Spacebunny is many fine things; however, being a kind and gracious winner is not necessarily one of them.

I’ll have to buy her a Wii Fit. That way, we both win.