Euro 2008 day 6

1. I told you that Germany wasn’t as good as advertised. I still can’t figure out how so many people had them as the pre-tournament favorites. Podolski and Schweinsteiger are the only two that I consider to be real quality players; as an Arsenal fan, I know all too well how vulnerable Jens Lehman can be in goal. And Schweinsteiger is out with a red card now. Why do people still consider Ballack to be a great midfielder? I mean, when you think of the Chelsea midfield, do you think Ballack or Lampard? I won’t be at all surprised if Big Phil sells him before the start of the next Premiership season.

2. 47 seconds, 15 passes, and every single Croatian player touched the ball without Germany ever getting in the way. That’s incredible teamplay and it ended in a really nice, aggressive goal by Srna. The whole of the Croatian team is greater than the sum of its parts.

3. Yes, the second Croatian goal was lucky, given how it rebounded off the post right in front of an empty net. But it doesn’t happen if Olic isn’t rushing the goal; if he was just sitting and watching the result of his teammates shot like so many players do, he doesn’t net an easy score.

4. With six points already, Croatia only has to tie Poland in order to clinch the group. That means even if Germany beats Austria, they have to face Portugal in the knockout stage. Deutschland, Deutschland gehe nach hause….

5. I didn’t watch Poland-Austria. It was that or watch my fingernails grow and I figured the latter would be more exciting.