That settles that

I had planned to deal with this guy’s chapter-by-chapter approach once Kelly got through with hers. But, since he’s repeatedly demonstrated a near complete inability to make a coherent rebuttal to anything I’ve written, it’s somewhat of a relief to know that I don’t have to bother:

As you may have heard, Vox challenged atheist blogger PZ Myers to an on-air debate on the subject of the evidence for God, in conjunction with the “Northern Alliance Radio Show.” PZ replied “Thanks but no thanks” (well, actually, he said “I don’t debate crazy pipsqueaks any more”), and Vox predictably pounced on this as proof that PZ was “afraid” to debate. Now, personally I don’t believe fear had anything to do with PZ’s response. Vox Day is to reasonable discourse what a fart is to a flower shop, and it’s no shame for PZ to turn down the “opportunity” to lend him any more time in the spotlight than he deserves.

It’s very typical of this double-digit champion of reason that he not only didn’t grasp the nature of the proposed subject matter, but actually thinks that PZ’s “counter-proposal” to post an argument on my blog is somehow a reasonable substitute for a form of discourse that would force PZ to put his reputation, such as it is, on the line. Gee, I can post to my own blog? Really? Brilliant! I’d never thought of that! But, since the clueless wonder declares that I’m incapable of reasonable discourse, there’s obviously no reason to bother with him anymore. John Derbyshire is one of the many atheists I know who feels otherwise, and I’d much rather engage in metaphorical fisticuffs with the good Derb anyhow.

As for PZ, if he wishes to host a debate about the existence of gods on his blog, I’ll be there. If he wants me to host a debate with him on the same topic here, then we can do that. But I’m not about to permit him to play hide-and-snipe, where he only speaks up if he thinks he’s got something and feigns lofty ignorance when he doesn’t. Unsurprisingly, ER doesn’t understand the way in which PZ’s “counter-proposal”, if one can actually call it that, was designed to allow PZ to hide from being intellectually exposed. Considering how many times people have made fools of themselves by making baseless assumptions about my refusal to perform like a trained seal on their schedule, you’d think my critics would have learned by now that my refusal to show all my cards on demand has never, ever been an indication that I’ve got nothing.

The angry atheists can attempt to spin it all they like, but everyone else knows the truth: PZ runned away. Deal with it.