The child-abuse of vegetarianism

Why isn’t the CPS kidnapping the children of vegetarians around the country? I doubt they ever meant any harm, and yet it appears they’re demonstrably more harmful to children than the infamous Texas polygamists:

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl in Scotland brought up by her parents on a strict vegan diet has been admitted to hospital with a degenerative bone condition said to have left her with the spine of an 80-year-old woman. Doctors are under pressure to report the couple to police and social workers amid concerns that her health and welfare may have been neglected in pursuit of their dietary beliefs. The girl, who has been fed on a strict meat and dairy-free diet from birth, is said to have a severe form of rickets and to have suffered a number of fractured bones.

Give your children bacon cheeseburgers tonight in good conscience. Hold the lettuce.