The diversity dilemma

Rod Dreher muses on the diversity dilemma of the Blogosphere:

So here is the perfect medium for liberating all those qualified minority and female “voices” that are being silenced by the mainstream media’s gatekeepers. According to diversity theory, they should be far more heavily represented in the blogosphere’s upper reaches than they are in traditional journalism. In fact, the opposite is the case, as the Washington Post’s Keith Jenkins pointed out. The elite blogging world is far less “diverse” than the mainstream media.

Given that there are many white males who take the “need” for diversity as seriously as I do, I am shocked that there aren’t more fake bloggers like “Michelle Malkin” out there. I mean, it’s not exactly a secret that the actual “Michelle” is actually a 45-year old male ghostwriter who works for the American Enterprise Institute. How else can you explain the difference between “her” blogging and the abysmal performance provided whenever the sock puppet is required to repeat talking points on television or by video blog?