Where is the CPS when it’s needed?

Evidence suggests that the UN and various “aid” groups are far more abusive of children around the world than your average polygamous religious freaks:

An international watchdog must be set up urgently to investigate widespread cases of child sex abuse by aid workers and peacekeepers, a British charity said today. Save the Children demanded action after its research found that starving and desperate youngsters as young as six were being coerced to sell sex for food, money, soap and even mobile phones in war zones and disaster areas. Hundreds of young people from Ivory Coast, Southern Sudan and Haiti were involved in the research behind the conclusions.

It really shouldn’t be surprising to learn that it is those adults who are the most dedicated to “helping” children that have the greatest tendency to prey upon them. After all, the first instinct of every predator is to go where the prey is. Now, precisely where is that moral authority so often claimed for the UN and from whence does it spring?