And now, a question for Christians

What is your primary reason or argument for believing that God cares or is even particularly interested in the ultimate fate of any individual soul? I note that the common omniderigent view, which posits active and all-encompassing divine control and management, does not necessarily indicate an interest in any one individual’s well-being and can be reasonably construed to demonstrate the opposite. Non-Christians, I’m interested in your beliefs as well if you actually have any on this score, although I’m not interested in anyone’s opinion regarding something in which they do not believe.

And on a tangential note, since some of you failed to understand what I felt was a very clear statement at the beginning of TIA, let me reiterate: I am truly indifferent to the ultimate fate of nearly everyone. While the Apostle Paul may have had a burden for others, I do not. I feel no more sympathy for those who choose to reject God than I would for one who elected to walk into a burning building while loudly insisting that it is not on fire. I realize that not all Christians feel this way, but I do. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases, I would not take that freedom to choose one’s own fate away from anyone even if I could.