It’s all about the love

Isn’t it interesting how no one ever seems find fault when women are practical about their financial interest in a marriage, while men are excoriated for considering anything other than “love”:

The prospect of widespread City job losses has seen a surge of bankers’ trophy wives heading for the divorce courts, say lawyers. With thousands of job losses announced and more rumoured to be on the way, divorce specialists say that some wives want to secure good divorce deals before their husbands lose their jobs. Consequently, divorce specialists have seen the number of inquiries treble.

This isn’t to say that some women can’t be trusted; there are certainly plenty of women who are far more interested in things other than money. But since a significant percentage of women are primarily interested in marrying in order to achieve status and financial security, it’s important for a man to know exactly what he’s getting into. As a basic rule of thumb, if she prides herself on being high maintenance, insists on only the best brands, judges a restaurant by its ambience rather than its food, or is in credit card debt, you’d better make sure a pre-nuptual contract is in place.