The joys of suffrage

I think the planet will be a much safer place if all the politicians in charge of world’s nuclear weapons were female, don’t you?

Assemblywoman Francis Allen is facing battery charges for allegedly stabbing her new husband with a steak knife. The two-term Republican was arrested May 17th after Paul Maineri checked himself into Summerlin hospital claiming Allen attacked him during an argument in the couple’s home. According to the arrest report, Maineri said Allen accused him of embarrassing her in front of friends.

Embarrassed her in front of friends? I can’t believe they even bothered arresting her. She should receive a medal for her self-restraint, for as we know, she would have been well within her rights to shoot him in the back when he was sleeping. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if she not only didn’t resign, but was re-elected with a bigger majority than before.