First albums

Nate has an inquiring mind:

You are hearby ordered to share yours as well. Lets see a link. I wanna know… year… band… album… Lets see a youtube vid of a song off the first album you ever bought with your own money.

I don’t remember the year, but the first album I ever bought was AC/DC’s Back in Black. I still like it, despite my subsequent departures into New Wave, gangster rap, and eventually techno-industrial music. (The rap was a track thing, let’s just say that there weren’t a lot of sprinter/jumper/hurdler types particularly into Alphaville, Depeche Mode and Japan… although I have to confess that It Takes a Nation of Millions is in the CD changer at the moment.)

But let’s face it, the actual first isn’t really the point. So, more to the point, I would have to say that the most embarrassing album I ever bought has to be Face to Face. (The Nena album auf Deutsch was the other serious candidate, but I was studying German pretty heavily at the time and there were actually two or three halfway-decent songs on it that tends to somewhat mitigate that otherwise absurd purchase.) Forget today, I was wondering what in the world I had been thinking by the time the second song finished playing! Completely on the other end of the spectrum, I am still enraptured by this extraordinary CD by one of the world’s finest lyricists.