Mailvox: full feed request

Jay writes from the PRC:

I’m in China for a couple of weeks and the the place I’m working in has several sites blocked including your blog. I access them from a newsreader instead. However, yours seems to be showing only the post titles (with the link to your blogsite — which is blocked). Do you think you can do something with your feed settings so the whole post shows? I’ll appreciate it.

I’m a little leery of providing the full post texts since it seems to destroy the basic concept of having a blog community, but I suppose that those who enjoy the discourse will end up showing up to comment anyhow. Of course, I was once concerned about the potential problems that might be caused by permitting comments, which proved to be unfounded, so concerns about full feeds tend to strike me as being similar to the same pointless worries that cause writers to refuse to permit downloads of their books.

So, I’ll turn on the full feeds and we’ll see how it goes. That’s really the only way to make a determination anyhow; if it completely kills off the blog traffic, I can always switch it off when Jay gets back from China.