Freedom: more or less

The General provides his list of freedoms that have been gained in the United States since women’s suffrage:

Obtain Abortions
Marry anyone of any race
Live in the location of your choice
Attend the school of your choice
Sit in any seat on the Bus
Sit in any seat in a diner
Obtain entrance to State Bar Associations
Purchase alcohol
Have alcohol shipped to you
18 year old may vote
Be free of being prayed at by the state in classrooms
Burn a flag
Marry someone of the same sex
Form legally binding domestic partnerships between members of the same sex
Engage in Sodomy with no risk of legal penalty
Use Birth Control

First, I note that most of these “freedoms” are partial at best, and in some cases are incorrect. There is no such thing as a freedom “of being prayed at by the state in classrooms”, for example, and both Congress and various state legislatures passed laws banning flag burning during the suffrage era. But it’s not important, as these “freedoms” are far outweighed by previously enjoyed freedoms that have been lost since 1920. Here is a list of 10 major ones:

1. Freedom of speech. McCain-Feingold and various hate crime legislation, 2002.
2. Freedom of association. Civil Rights Act, 1964.
3. Right to bear arms. National Firearms Act, 1934.
4. Own gold. Presidential Executive Order 6102, 1933
5. Deposit money into bank of choice. Glass-Steagall Act, 1933.
6. Withdraw money from your bank in privacy. Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, 1970.
7. Work for a wage of your determination. Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938.
8. Keep your own cash. Comprehensive Crime Control Act, 1984.
9. Use marijuana, cocaine, and heroine. Controlled Substances Act, 1970.
10. Right to property. Kelo vs City of New London, 2005.