Intentions and inevitability

Never mind the practical reality:

Not for the first time, the UN is actively bringing evil into the world. To be sure, it has done more outrageous things in the past, as when it herded Muslim men into Sarajevo, methodically disarmed them and then handed them over to Serb militiamen to be shot, or when it ordered its commanding officer in Rwanda not to seize the arms caches that were about to be used for the genocide. Still, even by UN standards, these are serious allegations.

It’s extraordinary how we keep ignoring the actual UN in favour of some theoretical one. However much its bureaucrats engage in fraud, however often its officials are found running smuggling rackets or child prostitution rings, we still maintain that the UN embodies a lofty ideal.

If you learn one thing from history, it’s that evil men are attracted to power and will pursue it. Byzantine, Greek, and Roman history are all littered with plot after conspiracy after attempt to grab power. Creating a single, central government to rule over the nations is like breeding for Hitlers; instead of seeing the various Pol Pots, Stalins, Qaddafis and Maos of the world descending into madness as they rule over their various dictatorships, all of them will be competing with one another and the most ruthless will wind up on top.

How can anyone seriously think the United Nations is a desirable thing? And can anyone even come up with a scenario where this doesn’t end in an entirely predictable nightmare for Mankind?