Farah comes through

Although it’s a pity he didn’t see fit to endorse Ron Paul back when that might have made a difference. But at least he’s finally breaking with the Three Monkey Republicans:

It’s probably no secret to anyone who reads my column regularly that I will not be voting for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for president.

But I will also not be voting for John McCain…. He won’t get my vote. In fact, to be honest, if the Republican Party is ever going to recover itself and become the party it was under Ronald Reagan, it will happen faster if John McCain is beaten. It will happen faster if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton gets elected and implement the Big Brother, socialist agenda they both endorse.

Of course, we’ll have to see if he remains firm in the front of the inevitable “Most Importantest Election Ever” once Obama gets kicked to the side or to the vice-presidency and the Three Monkey Republicans begin beating their scary jungle drums about the evils of the Lizard Queen.