Settle down, Luddites

Spacebunny pointed out that I may have not been clear enough that this is a work in progress. It’s not a beta test, because the product isn’t even in beta yet. And no, the idea of messing around with it on a little test blog isn’t an option; that’s already been done and the whole point is to shake out the issues on a blog with sufficient comment traffic to generate the problems that stem from such traffic and reap the benefits of iterative development. Fortunately, there happens to be one such blog run by an early adopter who likes playing around with design issues and doesn’t happen to give a damn what anyone else thinks.

Now, what you might want to consider is that for once you actually have the option of putting your two cents in and having them listened to for a change, so I suggest that might be the more useful thing to do instead of pointless and repetitive bitching about a minor bug that twelve other people have already pointed out. Do you really think I don’t remember all the complaints about Haloscan? Do you really think I’m incapable of simply clicking the checkbox that turns on Blogger Comments?

It tends to remind me of playing a rough mix for non-musicians back in my Psykosonik days. “What do you think?” “Well, I think the drums should be louder, you can barely hear them.” Well, thank you, Sherlock, how would we EVER have figured that one out!

Anyhow, we’re currently leaning towards a system that gives you – yes, you – the option of choosing between a separate comment window and a separate post page with all the comments. So, here’s the question… if it’s a separate post page, would you prefer to start with all the comments expanded or not?