Shea culpa

The eyes, they roll:

I didn’t pick the offensive imagery in my book, but I should have caught it sooner than now. I didn’t and there’s no excuse. It was my first book, I was excited and happy, but I needed to have a more critical eye. I would do anything to remove racist images from the first printing of the book if I could, and I am relieved and happy to say that they will be removed from future printings…. Once again, I apologize for the images, my overlooking them, and any hurt this may have caused.

While the never-ending war between blacks and feminists between who are the mostest victimized ever is mildly amusing as they work to turn Western civilization into an equalitarian morass of grass huts and subsistence diets, I can’t help but marvel at Amynda’s amazing inability to grasp that images of gorillas carrying off blonde women and blonde women beating up black men were never likely to go over well with her hypersensitive target readership. But the “hurt this may have caused?”

Live by the hysterical overreaction, die by the hysterical overreaction.