The whining of left-wing scientists

Is something that I am eagerly anticipating. It will be particularly enjoyable given the sanctimonious reaction to my March column on the absurdity of clueless scientists worrying about religion as the tidal wave of feminism rushes towards them:

“Women have surpassed men in most areas of education, but men continue to be more numerous in fields like math, physics and engineering. For more than a decade, feminist groups have been lobbying Congress to address the problem of gender “injustice” in the laboratory. Their efforts are finally bearing fruit. Federal agencies are now poised to begin aggressive gender-equity reviews of math, science, and engineering programs. Groups like the National Organization for Women must be celebrating — but American scientists should brace themselves for the destructive tsunami headed their way.”

At a recent House hearing on “Women in Academic Science and Engineering” Congressman Brian Baird, a Democrat from Washington State, asked a room full of activist women how best to bring American scientists into line: “What kind of hammer should we use?”

This is a no-lose situation as far as I’m concerned. You already know what’s going to happen. Initially, the PZs of the world will embrace their new Title IX overlords and pronounce themselves delighted by the amazing quality of their new female co-workers. Then, once they start losing their jobs and seeing plum positions handed to properly credentialed but incompetent women who don’t actually do any real science, the tears and the hissy fits will begin.

Did someone say tenure? Right… as if tenure or anything else that smacks of Patriarchy and male privilege is going to protect a male scientist’s job when there are historical sexist imbalances to be corrected.