Israeli spy network arrests

I’ve always been pretty pro-Israel, but this news is more than a little troubling. How can Charles Krauthammer argue that the USA should not only supply funds and military aid, but put its own troops on the line for a foreign non-ally that is actively spying on America?

Convicted of espionage in 1986, Pollard did such damage to U.S. national security that top intelligence officials threatened to resign if Bill Clinton acceded to Israeli demands to pardon him. He is serving a life sentence for stealing secrets deemed so valuable that the Soviet Union reportedly agreed to trade them for the release of tens of thousands of Russian Jews for resettlement in Israel….

The suspicion that Pollard was far from alone has been confirmed, in spades, by the Kadish indictment, but that is just the beginning. The Israeli spy network that not only persists but flourishes to this day may be about to unravel. According to Giraldi, the Feds are “investigating a number of U.S. citizens, including an individual who held very senior security positions in the Clinton and Bush White Houses.”

I realize it is not exactly unheard of for some media figures to point and shriek “anti-semitism” every time Israel is criticized, fairly or unfairly. But in these circumstances, one has to wonder about the loyalties of those who would do so when Israel is behaving more like an enemy than a friend. It is absolutely Israel’s responsibility to defend itself in any way it sees fit, but treating a longtime friendly nation like an enemy is not a wise course of action and is a good way to find oneself friendless in the long term.