We can’t count… but trust us

The Texas kidnapping outrage grows ever more surreal:

CPS spokesman Darrell Azar said it doesn’t matter if the original call turns out to be a hoax. “What matters is what we found there. We found a number of children as young as 13 who were being married and were giving birth to children and who were sexually abused and the judge agreed,” Azar said…. In a sign of continuing chaos surrounding the case, DFPS on Monday revised the number of children in protective custody from 416 to 437.

Translation: We can’t count the number of children properly, but we guarantee the rest of the evidence we obtained as the result of a fraudulent, anonymous telephone call is rock solid.

I’d be surprised if a single criminal charge was filed as a result of this outrage except possibly against the original phone caller… although the CPS agents and the judge certainly should be put on trial for kidnapping, among other things.