They’re not about the little guy?

Whoopi lets the Inconvenient Cat of Obvious out of the bag:

LESLEY: Whoopi, I think the fear the Democrats have with this issue is not because he’s a person of color. It’s because the Republicans latch onto this exact kind of argument time and again and make it work for them. As with Adlai Stevenson, with Dukakis, with Kerry, with Gore …

WHOOPI: Well, what’s the matter is the Democrats are an elitist group. That’s the truth.

I don’t know why no one ever seems to notice that these self-proclaimed champions of the little guy are always multimillionaires. There’s two logical possibilities. Either Democratic politicians are a remarkably altruistic group of people or they are even more ruthless than Republicans in shamelessly making use of those they pretend to be championing. Republicans are loathesome, but Democrats are even worse. I don’t recommend supporting either.