We’re number 24

WND continues to rise in the rankings:

Based on unique visitors, Nielsen breaks down news site traffic rankings as follows: CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo! News, AOL News, New York Times, Gannett Newspapers (USA Today), Google News, Fox News, Washington Post, WorldNow, Heart Newspapers, IB Web Sites, Gannett Broadcasting, Cox Newspapers, Drudge Report, Breitbart, Netscape, Media General Newspapers, Star Tribune, GTGI Network, Townhall, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WorldNetDaily, Zwire, Daily Kos, St. Louis Post Dispatch, The Atlantic, KSL, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tribune-Review.

The three things that suprise me are that people pay so much attention to Kos and National Review when they’re read by fewer people than WND, that the Drudge Report is not number one, and that the Star Tribune is so high. But I have no reason to doubt the relative ratings; I like NRO, but a link from them brings rather less traffic than one from WND.

It’s also slightly amusing because some critics still like to pull the “who is Vox Day” routine because my column appears online instead of on dead tree. They seem to forget that my WND column is far more widely read than the blog, and that it’s read by more people than ever read the nationally syndicated column that appeared in 15 papers around the country, including the Boston, Atlanta, San Jose and St. Paul papers. The unique audience numbers show that WND has a long way to go before it reaches the level of a major national news institution, but it’s already got a bigger readership than most metropolitan newspapers or national news magazines.