Mailvox: a recurring theme

GPB points out a simple fact:

Let’s get real here. Vox doesn’t give a shit about the kids. This is just another issue for him to complain about with the government.

That’s absolutely right. I really don’t care about the teeming Mormon spawn, and yet I defend their right to live in peace with their families and benefit from equal treatment under the law all the same. I don’t care about the Jews, but I complain about the National Socialist government’s decision to murder them and believe they have an absolute right to defend their nation. I don’t care about the Ukrainian peasants, but I complain about the Soviet government’s decision to starve them. I don’t care about most unborn children, but I argue for their right to life anyhow. What does caring about someone have to do with an acknowledgment of the blatant violation of their unalienable rights as Americans and human beings? The CPS claims to care about those kids even as they violate due process and kidnap them from their parents, just as Janet Reno still claims to care about the kids that she roasted alive at Waco.

Giving a shit and $4.75 will get you a caffeine-infused heated fluid and cylindrical paper container at Starbucks.