I am tempted

Beelzebub almost gets his wish:

I can’t hide my intense curiosity to see this blog review a serious work on socialism and then witness the purely biased outrage that would ensue.

I was so tempted to choose Kapital, except that it would be over the heads of the economically handicapped and those who understand it would be bored to death. Now, I’m not saying I’ll abide by the vote – you know my opinion of democracy – but I am interested in getting a general sense for how everyone feels about the book study. I’ll give people a week to get their hands on the selected text one way or another, and we’ll do a chapter per week with discussions beginning on the weekends.

Which book would you like to study first?
Clausewitz: On War
JJ Norwich: Shakespeare’s Kings
Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War
RA Wilson: Prometheus Rising
Mises: Human Action
Don’t care, won’t participate anyhow