I’m telling!

Feminists are always metaphorically running to Mommy one way or another:

I usually delete crappy, sexist comments like that, but my trigger finger is itching to publish this asshole’s email and IP address. That isn’t something I’ve ever done, because I don’t believe in putting peoples’ personal information out on the internet just because I disagree with them, no matter how vile their views.

Amynda concurs: Publish the information. I think you relinquish your right to me keeping information you gave me private when you threaten me physically, which is the implication of his comment.

Very well, my dear feminists. You have made your wishes quite clear. Henceforth, every threat, implied or explicit, emailed to me by a feminist shall be published complete with all the private information that I have hitherto refrained from releasing. Because we’re all equal, right?