NCAA confusion

I don’t follow college basketball very closely, although watching the Georgetown-Davidson game was fun, as it was sort of like time-travel to watch Coach Thompson directing a Ewing in a Hoya uniform. My grandfather and I used to watch Georgetown hoops when I was visiting Virginia during the winter, so while I’m not a big fan, I’m still somewhat of a Hoya sympathizer in his memory. And any enjoyment of Davidson’s exciting comeback and eventual upset was further lessened by the fact that towards the end of the game I learned they’re not in Patriot League anymore, although I distinctly recall them being in it at one point or another in the hazy days of my ill-spent youth.

And when did American join? Needless to say, I don’t pay much attention to the old alma mater, but it’s a bit jarring to realize just how out of it one happens to be. I’m so out of it, in fact, that I had the Hoyas reaching the Final Four and Duke losing to UNC in the final.