Deny it all you like

Events will prove you wrong:

We imagine we can ditch Christianity and yet the good things we have inherited in our way of life will continue. They will not. Christianity formed Western civilisation and is so consubstantial with it that if Christianity goes, the lot goes with it. Let TS Eliot, writing in 1934, give us a text to think about this Easter: “Do you need to be told that even such modest attainments as you can boast in the way of polite society will hardly survive the Faith to which they owe their significance?”

What would be amusing if it wasn’t tragic is the way that parochial Americans who don’t know the first thing about Europe point to the dying European countries, especially the Scandinavian ones, as evidence that secular post-Christianity is viable. The rector’s article also shows how foolish it is for Christians to think that there will not be severe consequences when the Church follows the lead of Man.

The comments following the article are particularly interesting. It is amazing how many idiots genuinely believe that the Enlightenment was a significant factor in forming a Christian civilization that predated it by centuries. The Enlightenment was, and is, nothing more than a destructive perversion of Christianity that led to the horrors of the French Revolution, the October Revolution and the future evils of the European Union.