The appeal of the career woman

One of these days, women are going to figure out that it’s not at all ironic that they have a great education and a great job, but their romantic options are limited. The latter actually follows naturally from the former.

Blue-eyes, blonde hair, and most importantly on a salary considerably lower than her boyfriend or husband. These are key attributes that define the perfect woman, if the latest survey if to be believed. According to recent poll of 66,000 men, their idea of the ideal female would also weigh a slim nine-and-a-half stones, live on her own and occasionally wear glasses. The research, carried out by the online dating site, also found that 54 per cent of males would not date anyone who earns more than £25,000 a year.

The only thing that surprises me is the ideal weight. 133 pounds? Not unless she’s 6’2″. The truth is that most men want a woman who will be a wife first and a mother second. We already have friends who share far more of our interests than you ever will, and the only guys who specifically prefer a high-income earner are either self-centered evolutionary dead-ends, lazy gigolos, or artists incapable of supporting themselves. If that sounds appealing, then hey, go for it, that’s your business. The important thing is to realize that it’s a trade-off and that being a high flier will be significantly reduce your appeal to the greater part of the opposite sex.

This demand-side issue is exacerbated from the supply side too, because few high-flying women are willing to marry down. It happens, of course, but either way, you’re looking at a minority on one side and a minority on the other. Better make sure you’re really into that prospective career before embarking upon it… or at the very least capable of being genuinely enthusiastic about sharing your life with Moggy, Sox, and Mr. Tiddles.