The secular summing-up

Big Bill encapsulates the inevitable decline of secular society:

Bottom line, science roolz and y’all are going extinct. Why? You don’t make babies, and the Muslims and evil Christians and Jews do. “God” tells them to.

You manufacture and live in such a materialistic, mechanistic, consumerist world that your own women don’t want to bear your children, they would rather scr*w a vibrating battery-powered plastic stick if they want to come rather than take a risk at having more than 1.2 of your children, well below the replacement rate of 2.1 kids.

You are right in one respect: humans are just animals and have the moral significance in the Universe (sans God) of pond scum. Thing is, having established that, your women don’t want to collectively waste their lives squirting out and raising the moral equivalent of pond scum when the alternative is Having Sex, Eating Food, and Buying Fun Stuff.

Succinct. Vulgar. Accurate. In a word, brilliant. And speaking of succinct, Sam Harris has responded to my list of seven questions for him derived from TIA. I’ll post them once I have his permission to do so; his answers are candid and somewhat surprising. One thing that has been settled is that the man is not intellectually dishonest, he clearly didn’t know about the electoral data that turns his Red State argument on its head.