Why women shouldn’t do punditry

Lisa Schiffren provides an excellent example as well as conclusively claiming the title of Worst New Addition to The Corner:

Last night was the very first time I’ve thought Cindy McCain looked really good this season. All through the campaign she has favored very sharp-shouldered jackets, (an 80’s, Dynasty look), usually in hard and bright colors like tomato red. Her naturally thin frame doesn’t need, or benefit from either the hard shoulder or the wasp-waist it is constructed to suggest….Not that I’ve given this much thought…. (The sad things is, I haven’t. This stuff just glares at me while I am trying to pay attention to the substance….)

It’s only been a few days and already Buckley is rolling over in his grave. I note that despite the fact that WFB stated that the struggle between Christianity and Atheism was the supreme issue of the age, even more important than the one between Communism and the West, NRO is demonstrably less interested in that intellectual debate than in what the presidential candidate’s wives are wearing.