Blog-freaking hoo

John Hawkins talks to five women who are successful bloggers in large part because they are attractive women about the hardships that come with obtaining your success through being attractive and female:

Michelle on how to be a success at blogging.

There are a couple of factors. The first is not to try to be somebody else. If you want to be a success…don’t be another Michelle Malkin or Glenn Reynolds or a Drudge wannabe. The marketplace of ideas rewards original ideas and original thinkers and I think having a niche is very important….

This is more than just a bit ironic coming from the world’s most dedicated Ann Coulter impersonator. I’m only surprised Me So hasn’t dyed her hair blonde. Malkin, like Dawkins and Harris, is an intellectual charlatan who is unable to defend her own positions and she knows it. On the plus side, she is an extremely hard worker and she should be given credit for being one of the earliest campaigners against the Mexican migration, but this is balanced by the fact that she’s the quintessential media whore. That people like John Hawkins should “respect and admire” her simply astounds me. And “courageous”? Please, John, the woman won’t even stand up to defend her own book.