An unusual take on TIA

Publisher’s Weekly comes up with a description of TIA that actually manages to be less accurate than that of the most hostile atheist non-reading reviewer:

The atheists write with what Matt Baugher, v-p and publisher for spiritual growth and Christian thought at Thomas Nelson, calls “venom,” stridently stating that religious belief is delusional and dangerous and the world would be better off without it. Becky Garrison (InProfile, this issue), senior contributing editor for the smart Christian humor magazine the Wittenburg Door, offers a snarky, satiric response in The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail (Thomas Nelson, Jan.). Baugher said orders from mainstream retailers for Garrison’s book have been double what they expected.

Blogger and political columnist Vox Day comes at the issues from a nontheological perspective in The Irrational Atheist (BenBella, Feb.), relying on factual evidence to counter atheist claims that religion causes war, that religious people are more apt to commit crime and that the Bible and other sacred texts are unreliable and fictitious…. All of these books aim to move the discussion in a less vitriolic direction, and none more so than Zondervan’s A Friendly Dialogue Between an Atheist and a Christian (Feb.).

Less vitriolic. That’s just… astounding, considering that I did nearly everything but question Richard Dawkin’s parentage and tear out Sam Harris’s liver with my bare hands. PW is known throughout the publishing industry for its oft-peculiar take on books, but this may take the cake. Of course, it’s possible that they had the insight to see through the aggressive gamer’s pose and realized that at heart I’m all about the kumbaya and mutual hair-braiding.

On a tangential note, I was helping some guild mates on a quest at the Hellfire Citadel last night when a L70 Blood Elf priest and an L61 Tauren warrior happened to show up at the instance gate where we were waiting for the last member of our party to arrive. I immediately hit the priest with a Viper Sting and set my wolf on the warrior, leading to a violent free-for-all that left five dead, two of ours and three of theirs. The two that got killed were understandably annoyed, which amused the last member of our party when he showed up, saw all the skeletons and asked what happened.

After being informed, he took one look at my Field-Marshal’s Pursuit and said “Never invite a battleground guy anywhere you’re likely to run into Horde.”