Mailvox: speaking of handicapped

We have a Broncos fan in our midst…. No, I only jest in order to show that if I’m so ruthlessly insensitive that I will publicly poke fun at a guy condemned to life in a wheelchair or a poor little crippled boy* for the sake of my own amusement, just imagine what I’m willing to do to you.

Now, wheelchairs. One of the regulars has a request:

I’m disabled and, now that I’m finishing up school, am looking into buy a wheelchair-accessible van to use for employment. It’s proving to be more costly than I first anticipated, so I’m investigating places that might be able to help me out a bit. I’m searching out local charities and agencies, but would like to spread the net as widely as possible, so thought that you (among others) might be worth asking for leads. Can you suggest any philanthropic groups in the US who might be appropriate?

This is a subject of which I remain thankfully ignorant, but I imagine some of the more charitable and/or less fortunate in our midst might know something about it. If you’ve got any thoughts on the matter, post them here please.

* Won a much-treasured Bane award for that, actually. I like to consider myself an award-winning cruelty artist.