Portrait of a Smug Married

She does paint a vividly vicious metaphor, though:

One of the recurring sticks which women are whacked by, and whack each other with, is the “FACT” that you can’t find a husband past the age of thirty five. On your 28th birthday, three quarters of available straight men apparently shift into an unreachable dimension distant from your own, and, if you haven’t got one by then, you have to wait until they’re all released from their first marriages, ten years later, and come to you bitter, broke and lugging two traumatised children behind them – children whose sole purpose is to loathe you….

Is me calling my sisters (30 and 28) “shrivelled-up childless spinster-antelopes on the edges of the migrating pack” actually a bit too close to home?

She’s generally correct, though. A woman who marries in her twenties will almost always marry better in superficial material terms than a woman who marries in her thirties. It’s worth keeping in mind if such things matter to you. I don’t quite understand why so many women think that it’s wiser to wait until they’re past their peak level of attraction to the opposite sex to begin looking for a husband. There are three things that every pretty girl should have branded on her brain at puberty:

1) The world isn’t all about you even if it looks that way now.
2) Looks fade surprisingly fast.
3) There’s plenty of girls on the girl tree, with new ones blooming every year.