The dead giveaway

You know an atheist “review” is going to be little more than a shallow and baseless whining when they refuse to refer to the name on the cover of the book:

[Vox Day’s] arrogance, rudeness, and unending logical fallacies have brought nothing to the intellectual discussion between theists and atheists. Instead, he has brought only dishonor to himself. Unfortunately, there really is not much more to say.

No, “John” merely doesn’t have anything else to say, since he can’t actually manage to identify a single logical fallacy. And what is honor to an atheist? It’s not material, after all, and therefore it must be nonexistent. I always find it interesting that this sort of individual somehow never seems to refer to a certain Clinton Dawkins…. and speaking of rudeness, here’s Clinton himself discussing the matter with the Circle of Jerkdom:

we are offending people, but we are also telling them that they’re wrong to be offended.

Do his atheist fans seriously wonder why so many people, atheists included, consider him a premium grade asshole? But Hell, presumably being nonexistent, hath no fury like the atheist who has no rational argument to offer in defense of his exposed heroes.