Demographic winter

Rod Dreher points out the secular left’s inability to face the reality that they have sown the seeds of their own demise:

This story from the new issue of the left-liberal magazine The Nation is a choice example of the left’s emotion-based denial of demographic winter. It’s a lengthy catalogue of Christian and cultural conservative individuals and groups who are trying to reverse Europe’s demographic decline. What’s fascinating about the essay is never does the writer actually examine the case these conservatives make about fertility decline and demographic winter; much like the right’s prima facie dismissal of the case for global warming, the thrust of this piece is that demographic winter can’t true because it would validate so many troglodytic teachings that modernity has vanquished. In other words, the case for demographic winter can’t be correct, because all the wrong people believe in it.

You can’t completely grasp the extent of Europe’s post-Christian decline until you walk through the ghost towns of Italy, populated by no more a dozen elderly women and one old man sleeping in the sun. It’s not something that any tourist is going to see in Florence, Venice or Rome, much less Milano, but go outside the tourist tombs and the desolation of demographic winter is impossible to miss. And the imported African hookers scattered along the truck routes in the countryside are hardly adequate compensation for what were once famously vibrant family units.

There’s a large and spectacular church on the outskirts of a town near which we like to wander. Its doors are only unlocked for an hour or so every month, because despite its gorgeous interior architecture and painted ceilings, there’s not only no one around to attend it, there’s not even anyone left to visit it.