The toothless smile

Rod Dreher on the maturation of the male psyche:

I used to get stoked on the idea of taking Julie to the perfect little French cafe, and speaking torridly of romantic matters over candlelight and good wine. I wouldn’t mind having the time to do that now, but you know, it’s hard to describe the fulfillment of opening the front door at day’s end, and hearing three little voices scream “Daddy!” in unison, and come running into the front room to give me a hug. God, I love that. That’s how romance has been sublimated for me. That’s what it’s ripened into. And it’s great.

It will be impossible for those with more hormones than sense coursing through their brains to understand, but Dreher is absolutely right. Heedless romance and wildfire passion have their merits, as do psychologically scarred young women with self-esteem issues and eating disorders, but no romance, however wickedly fiery, can compare with the unadulterated joy to be found in the sudden appearance of a toothless smile on a fat-cheeked face.

The ongoing collapse of post-Christian culture notwithstanding, the human race and Christianity will survive, because faith, hope and joy always survive fear, hate and selfishness.