Every month is White Bitch Month

Maureen Dowd complains about the unbearable hardship of being a wealthy white woman:

The joke goes: “Obama is just creaming Hillary. You know, all these primaries, you know. And Hillary says it’s not fair, because they’re being held in February, and February is Black History Month. And unfortunately for Hillary, there’s no White Bitch Month.”…

Those close to Hillary say she’s feeling blue. It’s an unbearable twist of fate to spend all those years in the shadow of one Secretariat, only to have another gallop past while you’re plodding toward the finish line. I know that the attacks against powerful women can be harsh and personal and unfair, enough to make anyone cry.

There’s another word for those who understandably cry at the “unbearable” realization that they might not get what they want. That word is “children”. Dowd is just projecting here anyhow, the legend of the crying crocodile notwithstanding, everyone knows that reptiles don’t actually shed tears. That glistening people keep detecting in Hillary Clinton’s eyes is nothing more than the light reflecting off her nictitating membranes.

I still expect the Lizard Queen to be made president one way or another. I don’t put much stock in all the distracting “primary” activity meant to occupy everyone’s attention, so the Magic Negro’s sweep of three states means about as much to me as John McCrazy’s, which is to say virtually none. I’ll be delighted to be proven wrong, of course, but until I see an actual human being sworn into office, I’ll have my doubts.

UPDATE – one of my favorite historians agrees. VDH concludes, on the basis of recent history:

The Clintons will do anything—anything—to win the nomination for Hillary, the popular vote be blasted. The filing of lawsuits, the dangling before the noses of superdelegates of various irresistible blandishments—whatever it takes, the Clintons will do. Without compunction. Even with a certain glee. Regardless of the popular vote going into the convention, therefore, Hillary Clinton, and not Barack Obama, will emerge with the nomination.