The irrelevance of Super Tuesday

This is why I’m not interested in the primaries anymore, and why I expect President Rodham-Clinton to be sworn in next January:

Unless either Obama or Clinton drops out before the convention, there is simply no way that the nominee can be determined without the super delegates. In the broadest definition of the term, “a brokered convention” is a convention that is determined by super delegates instead of nominating contests…

Clinton has a large lead in super delegates….

The lesson, as always, is that it’s the machinery that matters. Pay attention to the machinations instead of the media and you’ll likely have a better grasp on what is going to happen than most.

UPDATE – The Manhattan Conservatives suddenly begin to consider the possibility that maybe federalizing education and importing Mexican socialists isn’t likely to end well after all:

First, demography is poised to destroy conservatism in a devastating triple threat. The baby boomers will start retiring, and will probably shift a little to the left in the process. Second, Mexican immigrants will most likely end up being pretty leftist. Finally, years of liberals running their own private indoctrination camps through the American education system have finally taken their toll and are churning out reliably liberal kids who will inevitably come of age. Not enough of them are conservatives and not enough of them will be mugged by reality to convert to conservatism. It is ultimately these three factors that threaten to sink conservatism for at least a couple decades.

But hey, at least they got their War on Terror. That was the only thing that mattered, as we were repeatedly assured for years. The stupid thing about the conservative commentariat’s actions is that thirty years from now, the U.S. government will be bigger than anyone imagines today, Republican candidate will be a Latina who makes Hillary Clinton look like Ron Paul and Iraq will be governed by a regime that looks like a cross between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Nice work, guys.

UPDATE – When you’ve got nothing else left, why not stick with principle:

So all that being said, I must be voting for McCain, right? Not so fast. While my head is telling me that’s the right choice, my heart just hasn’t been able to come around to it yet. Maybe by tomorrow night it will. Or maybe I’ll just say screw it and vote for Ron Paul. With no good choices in sight, how bad would that really be?

I can tell you one thing, Chad. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself if you do.