It’s far less likely to come up than if the Patriots had won yesterday. But it’s still such a great smackdown of those who so easily forget history that it merits mention:

Here’s what you should do this week if someone tries to argue that after SB XLII the Patriots will be the greatest pro football dynasty of all time: Hold up your hand, make a look like someone just tipped over garbage, and then bark these two words: Cleveland Browns.

From 1946 to 1955 the Browns played in 10 STRAIGHT league championship games, winning seven (four in the All-America Football Conference and three NFL titles in 1950, 1954 and 1955.) During this decade of dominance Cleveland was guided by visionary Hall of Fame coach Paul Brown, who invented, among other things, the playbook and the West Coast Offense, and led on the field by legendary HOF quarterback Otto Graham (who went 114-20-4 during this amazing 10-year run.) So, yeah, congrats to the Patriots Dynasty. Now you only need to reach nine more Super Bowls. In a row.

Everyone who knows anything about the NFL knows that the Cleveland Browns are the most dominant football team of all time. Watching the Patriots go for 19-0 was fun, but it’s not on the level of the the Browns’ historical achievement. This was one reason why many NFL fans, myself included, were so outraged by the ownership’s move to Baltimore and pleased that the historical records were given to the new franchise.