A woman of sense

Dr. Helen casually consigns David Frum’s plan for a Republican comeback to the circular file:

John Hawkins has an interview up with David Frum, author of Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again. Frankly, after reading the interview, I couldn’t tell many of Frum’s supposedly conservative responses from that of a liberal Democrat–don’t worry about cutting taxes, give even more government handouts to low income groups, etc.

Frum’s comeback plan is merely the blueprint for permanent Republican minority. In their arrogance, George Bush and the neocons have destroyed the Republican party by betraying conservatives at every opportunity. The only thing that will keep Republicans from another multi-decade spell in the political wilderness is if Hillary Clinton approaches governance with the same laid-back reserve that she showed in pushing her socialized health plan on America. As it stands, they’re toast for at least eight years and quite possibly twelve.

The insane thing is that Frum’s approach couldn’t possibly work anyhow. You can’t beat Democrats by competing for the handout vote. They’re not just willing to trump you every single time, they’re delighted that you decided to play their game on their turf.