A challenge to Dawkins.Net

Dear Dawkins.Net,

While your various attempts to review The Irrational Atheist without reading it or preemptively excuse yourself from the risk of having your atheist apple cart upset has certainly been impressive in its own quixotic way, I should not like you to be under the mistaken impression that I am inclined to ignore what will certainly be your intelligent and eminently rational responses to my critiques of Richard Dawkins’s various arguments.

Hence my challenge to the collective you. In the chapter entitled “Darwin’s Judas”, there is a section called “Atheism’s Red Queen” which describes seven impossible things asserted by Richard Dawkins. The ebooks will be available later today; I will give the Dawkins.Net crew one week to select seven representatives to respond to each of those seven points and have that representative email me either his response or a link to a site containing his response, which I will then post here in its entirety, followed by my comments. This should be ample time to read a single chapter dedicated to a subject of particular interest to you.

You have two choices before you. Concede or respond. If your collective intelligence is as high as you believe it to be, then your band of brilliant “brights” should have no trouble at all trouncing a single lunatic handicapped by his god delusion. If, on the other hand, the sum total of your cumulative intellect doesn’t rise to the level of a solitary Internet superintelligence, then you will not dare to respond to this challenge but instead will slink away in silence, exactly as previously predicted.

My very best regards,

UPDATE – I particularly enjoyed the little dialogue between Steve Zara and Righton:

Steve Zara: My impression is that anything we do to respond is going to give this fellow more money in terms of hardback sales.”

Righton: 100% right, fuck this guy and his book. Im not reading it, ill take someone elses word on it.

Drat! There goes my clever plan to fund my next Lambo on the godless dime. And I’m sure it’s just going to be tremendously difficult to make use of the entire pack of howling monkeys at Dawkins.Net turning tail, running away and refusing to read a challenge to their hero for the purposes of publicity. A more accurate statement would have been to simply leave out the words “to respond”. And for those determined to take someone else’s word for it rather than make up their own minds, they can read the reviews right here. And yes, I am amused by Amazon’s Best Value deal, actually.

UPDATE – Verylee isn’t going to read TIA, no doubt for the very best of reasons, but he backpedals just to be safe anyhow. As Vince Lombardi said, confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence and I have to say, we’re just not seeing a lot of confidence in Richard Dawkins from his biggest fans. I’m sure the Archbishop of Oxford must deeply appreciate the level of support he’s being shown in the forums.

I for one will certainly not be downloading, reading or replying to his challenge (The author’s name is enough to put me off)….because I don’t really give a F**K if he trounces the “Unholy Trinity” with his arguments….it does not change a thing for me, can he prove the existence of a supernatural being?